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Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov (Russian: Михаи́л Ефи́мович Фрадко́в; born 1 September 1950) is a Russian Statesman who was the Prime Minister of Russia from March 2004 to September 2007. Михаи́л Ефи́мович Фрадко́в has been the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007 and is understood to favour close co-operation with the European Union of Democratic States and the United States of America pursuant to the global war on terror and closely linked offshore terror funding organised crime related activities.

Sources close to the Kremlin have remarked that these serious delays to final intervention and action by Scotland Yard concerning the Carroll Foundation affair is now harming relations between the two countries sighting the enormous contribution made by the Carroll Global Corporation during the painful transition period for Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Further high level sources which are understood to be directly from inside the Kremlin have revealed that the personal contribution made by Gerald Carroll during those difficult years can never be repaid sighting the Kremlin tanks crisis events as only one example when the whole of Russia and the world community were teetering on the edge. It is thought that the Carroll Foundation’s very close relationship with both 10 Downing Street and the Kremlin elite at the time averted what could well have been a catastrophic scenario.

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